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3 Key Truths: Guest Post by Joe Cipriano

Is there anyone in our industry more admired and respected than Joe Cipriano? The thing I love most about Joe is he’s 100% the real deal. His desire to share his experience, help others succeed and make our industry better is as genuine as it gets. He’s a man filled with wisdom and he’s always willing to pass it on!

Whether you’re participating in one of his workshops, reading his book, “Living On Air”, or just bumping into him in the hallway or lobby of a conference, Joe always has a smile, something kind to say, and advice that will make you better.

3 Key Truths

When Marc asked me to write one of the 12 Tips of Christmas for his blog, I thought it would be helpful to look back on my past writings. I’ve contributed to a couple of books on Voice Over Success and I also wrote my own book along with my wife Ann.

Ann and I spent 3 and a half years writing, “Living On Air.” It was a lot of work but it was also an unexpected gift. It gave me the opportunity to look back on my own career and put myself in the shoes of my former self. The guy who had a dream to do voice over but wasn’t quite sure where to start or how to make an impact in the business.

Boiling down all of my experience in life and voice over, I have some key truths that I’ve always lived by.

1) Treat your own talent with respect, don’t sell yourself short

2) Be honest and sincere in all that you do

3) Always remember: It’s all about relationships

Number 3 has been so important in my career (and my life). Relationships are the upmost of importance for a number of reasons. My buddy, voice over actor, George DelHoyo once said to me, “work begets work,” which is so true. The more you work, the more people hear you, the more opportunities come your way. When you book something that runs on TV, Radio and the Internet, your voice gets heard and often times you get another gig simply because someone says to their casting person, “I want that gal” or “I want that guy.”

While that’s a wonderful bonus as a result of beginning to book work, more importantly it’s those people you get to work with on all of those jobs who in the long run become your angels throughout your career.

This is a business of change and there is a lot of career advancement and movement of producers and buyers from vendor to vendor, network to network, ad agency to ad agency and so on. It makes sense, we all want to move our careers forward and upward. Oftentimes when you establish a relationship with a producer, director, brand manager etc., when they move on to a new opportunity, they remember the talent they worked with who helped move their own careers forward.

I spent a number of years as the comedy voice of the Fox Network and never thought I would have the opportunity to work for another TV network until someone I worked with day to day at Fox moved to an important position at CBS.

I’ll never forget the call after he had been at his new network for a month, when he said, “I’ve been listening to voice over demo after voice over demo and I keep wishing they would sound like YOU. I realized finally, why don’t I just hire you.” And that started a whole new amazing opportunity for me at a new network, strictly because of a honest and healthy working RELATIONSHIP that paid off in ways I could have never imagined.

So while there are hundreds of tips in this business of VO, my tip for you among these 12 tips of Christmas, is to cherish and enrich your relationships with the people you work with and the people you work for. You’ll see how much that enriches your life and impacts your career.

Joe Cipriano is America’s premiere voice over talent, vocally representing America’s top Television Networks, TV Shows and Movies.

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