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3 Voice Over Resources You Should Be Using Daily

We all have down time between auditions and jobs. What do you do with yours? Are you working on other aspects of your business? Playing games on Facebook or your mobile device? Watching TV? Taking naps?

Or are you learning your craft?

I spend a good chunk of my time each day reading. The Internet is the world’s greatest voice over library! It’s filled with free information from people who are doing this every day. People who make a living as full-time voice actors!

Here are a few great voice over resources that you should be checking daily.

Derek Chappell’s Blog Roll

Derek's Chappell's Voice Over Blog ListDerek Chappell is a fellow voice talent that I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with and getting to know on Twitter. Chance are you’ve connected with him as well. If you haven’t, do it! (@DerekChappell) When Derek isn’t tweeting or recording, he’s compiling. Derek has put together the most extensive list of voice over blogs on the Internet. It’s a gold mine of free information just waiting to be read! Make it one of your daily destinations!


Voice-Over Friends

CourVO Voice Acting In VegasIf you’ve spent more than five minutes on social media researching the voice over business then you’ve no doubt heard of Dave Courvoisier (@CourVO). Dave has compiled two of my favourite Twitter lists (Voiceover and VoiceOverists), he blogs daily at, he even has his own iPhone app! In addition to that, Dave created Voice-Over Friends on Facebook. It’s a great place to learn. Ask questions, read posts shared by others, network with fellow talents. It’s a first hand look into how amazing the voice over community really is!


VoiceOver Daily

VoiceOver Daily on Scoop.itThis is an online magazine that I curate. As I read blogs, news articles and anything else voice over related that I find online, be it via Twitter, Facebook or otherwise, I Scoop it. It’s a collection of the days most interesting and valuable voice over related content. The best part is, it’s all in one place. So if you don’t have time to search, maybe because you’re too busy booking voice over jobs, hit the VoiceOver Daily up at the end of the day and learn from your peers. I’m always adding new content. Morning, noon and night. So check back a few times if you have the opportunity.


Those are just three to get your started. Check back tomorrow. I’ll be sharing a few more!

QUESTION: Have you got a resource you use daily? Share it in the comments.