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5 Essentials For An Accurate Voice Over Quote



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5 Essentials For An Accurate Voice Over Quote

When you’re seeking a voice over from a talent, there are certain pieces of information we require in order to provide an accurate quote for your project. Providing those essentials up front can speed up the process and save some back and forth communication.

Basically, it can help us get your project completed faster.

When reaching out, include:

  • Genre: Commercial? Explainer? eLearning?
  • Length: Word count is best.
  • Usage: Where will it be played?
  • Cycle: How long will it be played?
  • Budget: Do you have a budget in mind?

If you’re unsure of some of these details, or don’t fully understand them, any professional talent will be able to explain them to you and help you figure out exactly what you need.

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