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5 Great Royalty Free Music Sites To Bookmark

For those of you that work in radio, or worked in radio, let me ask you. Do you remember the old production library? You know theĀ one I’m talking about. A stack of records (yes… records) as tall as you? Or that pile of 100 CD’s? Both of those collections complete with a directory binder that needed to be lifted by a forklift?

Yeah, you remember. Good times!

Thankfully those days are gone. Now we have the Interwebs!

There’s going to come a day when you need some good royalty free music. Perhaps for a new demo you’re putting together. Maybe for an explainer video you’re producing to promote your services. Have you got a client that requests background music for their company phone system?

It never hurts to have a place to grab music or effects.

5 Great Royalty Free Music Sites

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