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5 Hints Your Brand Isn’t Working (and How to Fix It)

My first encounter with Celia Siegel was at VO Mastery in Ft Myers in November 2015. I sat in on a mentor session with her and was immediately blown away by her knowledge and skill. When it comes to branding, Celia knows her stuff!

Listening to her break down and analyze brands is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. If you’re unsure of the message you’re putting out there, or want to figure out how to create the correct message, you need to spend some time with Celia! I’m so happy to offer a few of her golden nuggets for the 12 Voice Over Tips of Christmas.

5 Hints Your Brand Isn’t Working (and How to Fix It)

It’s that time of year … you’re sipping eggnog and assessing how to do things even better in the year ahead. Well VO vixens, I’m going to tell you the one place you need to focus to kick 2017’s behind. Your brand. When your brand is working for you, you’ll feel proud, successful, confident and willing to put yourself out there. Your brand will do lots of the work for you. But that’s only if your brand is working.

Is your brand working for you? Here are 5 ways to tell (and how to fix it):

Your brand sets you up as one-of-a-pack instead of one-of-a-kind. Does your brand reflect you specifically? For instance, the idea of being the voice next door had a certain novelty to it in the 80s because most VOs sounded like announcers. But now that we have been entrenched in the more real-read styles, sounding like the voice next door does nothing to separate you. The voice next door (or the minivan mom) could be almost anyone.

The Fix: Go on a thorough fact-finding mission about what makes you unique. Your brand is already in you, and the more specific you can get on describing why you are a unique choice, the better. Take voice next door or minivan mom further based on who you are, what you sound like, how you tell a story and what working with you is like!

Your brand is not authentic. If your brand is positioning you as someone you’re not, it’s never going to work. Your brand must match how you sound. This alignment builds trust. Ever been to a website with a teeny-bopper graphic, then you press play and hear a voice with major gravitas? It’s jarring! A brand that works is not a just pretty picture or a smokescreen.

The Fix: Make your brand a transparent representation of you!

You’re speaking another language. Your brand needs to speak clearly and concisely to copywriters and producers. Talk about a tough and talented audience! Advertising creatives live in the land of wit, creative ideas, world-class writing and spot-on execution.

The Fix: Learn their language and speak it with confidence and authenticity.

Your website looks like the year 2000. Does your online-brand-presence make you look successful? If your website makes you look like you need a loan from your mom and dad, it must be remedied—and fast!

The Fix: This doesn’t mean throwing tons of money at your website. There are so many options to have an affordable, sleek, intelligently-laid-out, website that’s responsive and on-trend. Don’t settle for anything less.

Your heart says no. If you don’t feel proud of your brand, you won’t be compelled to put it out into the world. And a brand that’s hidden surely isn’t working for you.

The Fix: Create a brand you love. (It’s not as hard as it sounds!)

Happy Holidays!

If you don’t love your brand…if your brand isn’t working for you…2017 is the year to make it happen! At Celia Siegel Management, my team and I love helping to create unique, authentic brands that our clients love. And with a brand you love, promoting yourself will come easy (and if it doesn’t, we can help with that too).

Want to find out more? Schedule a free 15 minute brand-strategy session and we’ll talk about the possibilities.

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