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5 Reasons I Love Nimble

A few months ago I made the decision to invest in a CRM solution for my voice over business. A decision I should’ve made at least one year sooner. Maybe longer. CRM, for those unaware, stands for Customer Relationship Management. My solution was Nimble.

Since making that investment of $15 a month, I haven’t looked back. Nimble has been a saviour of both my time and my sanity. Here’s why…

5 Reasons I Love Nimble

  1. Organization: Trying to manage thousands of contacts, representing leads, prospects and clients via my Gmail inbox and a Numbers spreadsheet was an absolute nightmare. It’s a wonder I didn’t lose my mind a year ago! Nimble, on the other hand, has made organizing this database so easy I don’t even have to think about it.
  2. Accountability: Do you know how hard it is to remember who you contacted? When you contacted them last? When you need to contact them again? When you have no system to do so? Let me tell you. It’s very hard. Nimble makes it very easy. So easy, it’s almost fun to check your task list for the day. All nicely laid out just waiting for you to check items off one by one!
  3. Social Media: Imagine a happy world where your database doesn’t simply include names, emails and phone numbers of all of your leads, prospects and clients, but also includes all their social media streams as well? Would you frolic happily in the fields of such a wondrous land? Welcome to Nimble!
  4. Tagging: Do you have clients in more than one genre? Tag them! Do you have clients in more than one country? Tag them! More than one time zone? Tag them! Any way you want to tag your clients, it’s super easy in Nimble. Just one more way to keep your database tightly organized!
  5. Gmail Integration: Receive an email from a new client? Want to add them to Nimble with one click? There’s an app for that! Or is it a plug-in? I use Gmail in Safari, and with a simple plug-in and a single click, I can add any new contact into Nimble and I can see all the information for contacts that are already in my database.

An Investment That Pays For Itself

crmTruth be told, I could probably turn this into 10 things. 15 things. Quite possibly 25 things. That’s how much I’m growing to love Nimble after just a few months.

Some of you will say you can’t afford $15/month? Well, let me ask you. How valuable is your time? I’d estimate that Nimble saves me at least a couple hours a week due to it’s easy integration and organization. For arguments sake, let’s do that math. Two hours a week. Four weeks in a month. Eight hours a month saved. That’s a conservative estimate, by the way.

Is your eight hours of your time worth $15? 

Beyond that, from my own experience, I paid for a year of Nimble in the first week I started using it. That’s with full credit to the accountability the software offers, and the ease of use for reaching out to prospects.

Is that worth it for you?

Still need more convincing. How about looking at it as an investment in your success, rather than an expense out of your pocket?

One more for good measure… it’s a tax write-off!

Check it out at (and no… this is not a paid endorsement… I just love solutions that work!)

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