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5 Things To Do Before The End Of The Year

December 23. Can you believe it? A couple more sleeps until Santa arrives, and just a few more after that until we ring in an entirely new year.

New beginnings. New possibilities. New opportunities.

Here’s 5 things you might want to do this week to tie up loose ends in your voice over business and get yourself set up to start the new year off right.

5 Things To Do Before Year End

year-end-checklist1) Say Thank You – If you don’t send Christmas cards, consider a quick note to each and every client you’ve worked with this year. Just a simple thank you for the opportunities type note. A kind and friendly gesture that lets them know you appreciate them.

2) Goal Planning – Business will likely be slow from now until New Year’s. What better opportunity to take advantage of some down time to start setting (and writing down) your goals for the coming year? Big goals. Small goals. ┬áBusiness goals. Personal goals. Don’t be afraid to dream big!

3) Invoice Reminders – Is it tactless to send out payment reminders over the holidays? It could be argued either way, I supposed. But before the end of the year, I’d recommend going over your outstanding invoices (if you have any) and sending a friendly reminder that you’d like to get them cleared up.

4) Give A Little – Christmas is a season of giving. How can you give back this year? A financial donation? A bag of food to a local food bank? A new unwrapped toy for an organizations toy drive? The gift of time to invest in a fellow talent? Donating your services to a charity in need of voice over work? Find a way to give a little back this holiday season and enjoy the gift of joy you’ll receive from doing so.

5) Reflect – I keep a list of my “Greatest Hits.” These are accomplishments both personal and professional that I achieved over the course of the year. The best things that I did or that happened to me. I plan on spending some time reflecting back on those moments of joy and success and really taking time to appreciate all the good that’s come my way in 2013.

Finish the year out strong. Heading into 2014 on a positive note is a great way to set yourself up for continued success. Keep the momentum alive!

Wish you a VERY blessed holiday season. Merry Christmas to you and yours!