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5 Tips For Getting More Out Of Twitter

When used properly, Twitter really can be a great tool for your voice over business. For finding leads, for marketing and for engaging with new and potential clients. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the social network.

Don’t Automate: The temptation to automate is strong. After all, if you automate you can save a lot of time. Program a bunch of tweets one time, and let them auto-post for all time. Problem is, it defeats the purpose of the SOCIAL network. That is… being social! Want to maximize Twitter, you’ve got to engage. Be present. Human. Live!

Initiate Conversation: Passive marketing is putting stuff out there and hoping people will come to you. Active marketing is going to them. In other words, don’t wait (or hope) for people to start conversations with you. Find some great leads or prospects and start conversations with them.

twitter-tipsGifs Are Fun: One of my favorite recent updates to Twitter is the ability to search for and add animated gifs to tweets. This can be a really great way to make some of your tweets standout, and it definitely increases engagement.

Quality, Not Quantity: People will tell you that he who has the most followers wins… and this is why so many people are tempted to pay for followers. Just to get their numbers up. This is a bad idea (and a waste of money!) Grow your follower count organically by sharing great content and connecting with the right people. 100 engaged followers is better than 1,000 random followers.

Limit Your Links: One of the things that made Twitter great in the early days was people actually just tweeted real life. Then one day, it’s almost like Twitter became nothing more than an ad network and every tweet was just a link to an article, a blog, a store or something else. It exhausts people. Want to standout and get more engagement, make sure every tweet isn’t a link to something else. Be real.

Social networks are designed to be social. My best Twitter success stories all start at that level. Engaging with people. Developing relationships with people. Being personable.

Just be you! 🙂

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