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5 Tips For Getting the Most Out of VO Atlanta

Attending a conference like VO Atlanta is a big investment. Take note of that, by the way. I said investment. Not expense. They’re two different things!

By the time I paid for registration, flight, hotel and a near 40% USD exchange rate, I’m over $2,000 in. To me, though, it’s worth every dime!

Maybe you don’t have to book a flight. Maybe you’re splitting a hotel. Maybe you’re local and you’re only paying for registration. No matter what your financial investment is, they key to drawing maximum benefit for your investment and optimizing that return is having a plan.

Don’t just show up and see what happens. Be intentional about getting every last drop of value you can from the conference. Do that, and in the long run it’ll pay for itself ten fold and more!

See you there!

5 Tips For Getting the Most Out of VO Atlanta

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