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5 Ways To Jumpstart 2014

Now that the holidays are “officially” over, it’s time to get settled back into your routine and really dive head first into the new year. That, for some of us, can be easier said that done.

After a couple weeks of big dinners, gifts, late nights, late mornings, vacations, family visits and everything else that happens over the holidays, finding your groove might require a little extra effort. So what sort of things can you do to jumpstart the new year and set yourself up for success?

5 Ways To Jumpstart 2014

clean-slate1) Social Profile Overhaul: When’s the last time you read the “Bio” on your Twitter page? When’s the last time you updated the “About” section of your Facebook profile? Have you reviewed your LinkedIn “Experience” section lately? Got anything new to add?

2) Read A Book: When’s the last time you read a book that could have a profound impact on the way you think or do business? I’m not talking about a novel for pleasure. I’m talking about a book for learning! A great entrepreneur will NEVER stop learning!

Need some suggestions? Check out my Recommended Reading List.

3) New Year, New Demo: Is there a demo you’ve been thinking about updating? Or better yet, an entirely new demo you’ve been thinking about creating? What better way to kick off a new year than with a fresh sound for your voice over business. Don’t just think about that demo. Get producing!!!

As you create your audio demo, consider if you need a video demo as well.

4) Pay 2 Play Update: Do you use any of the voice over casting sites? If you do, when’s the last time you reviewed your profile? Are your demos current? Is your headshot current? Is your bio current? Is your recent client list current? Start the new year off with your best foot forward. Get that information updated!

Here’s a link to a post I wrote about doing a Profile Check Up.

5) Set Goals: The topic of goal setting is one I’ve written about perhaps more than any other on my blog. That’s because I’m a huge believer in it! As they say, if you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time. So… what are you going to aim at in 2014? What kind of jobs. What clients? How much income? What studio upgrades?

Want to make better goals? Check out my post on SMART Goals.

What Will You Make Of It?

I read a quote the other day. I can’t recall exactly how it went, but it was something to the effect of, “A lot of what you get out of 2014 will depend on what you put into 2014.” That’s so true! If you want this year to be great, you need to start taking steps now to make it so!

Here’s wishing you a very successful and prosperous 2014!

QUESTION: How are you jumpstarting your business this year?