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7 Steps to LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn offers many unique opportunities for engaging with your network. But what about people who aren’t in your network? Can the social platform still work for that? You bet it can! In fact, LinkedIn may offer greater potential than many other social networks simply because it’s built for and used by professionals.

So how do you make it work?

7 Steps to LinkedIn Success

Find Leads: Who could benefit from your voice over services? Using the amazing search capabilities of LinkedIn, (no you don’t need a paid membership) start trying to identify those people and companies.

Connect: Once you’ve found some great leads, send them a connection request. This is even easier if you have a mutual connection. You could use that person as part of your introduction so you’re not just reaching out cold.

Say Thank You: When they accept your connection request, send them a thank you note. Don’t pitch them your voice over services. Now is not the time. Now would be a good time to ask a question. Something to spark a conversation.

Start a Relationship: As the conversation kicks off, offer them something of value. This is where you’re going to do a little research about them and figure out how you could bring value to their business.

Engage: As the conversation develops, stay engaged with them on LinkedIn. Leave a comment on their status update or Pulse article. Engage with them in Groups. Not stalking. Just communicating. You’re building a relationship.

Expand the Connection: Get connected with them on other social networks. This is going to help you learn more about them, about what they’re working on, and how you could add value to them. It’s also another platform for you to engage with them.

Make the Ask: Once you’ve had a conversation and started to build a relationship, now you’re reaching out to a warm prospect versus a cold lead. Let them know what you do and ask for the opportunity to discuss how you might be able to meet their needs.

The key here is to not just rush into it. Think about your own inbox and social networks and the people you’re doing business with. Who gets your business? The person who earns your trust and gets to know you first? Or the person asking you to throw them a bone in the first communication?

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