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8 Tips For Great Customer Service

Providing Great Customer Service As A Voice TalentI pride myself on offering excellent customer service. It’s part of every audition / proposal I submit. It’s written all over my web site. It’s communicated in every conversation I have with new clients. 

Bad Service Is Bad Business

I know what it’s like to experience bad customer service. I’m sure we all do. The wait on hold for 45 minutes. The sales agent that’s ignorant. The customer service rep that shows little concern or interest in solving your problem. Broken promises and poor performance.

My goal is to make sure none of my clients ever go there because of something I’ve done.

I work hard. I work fast. I’m friendly, efficient and always try my best to be accommodating. I know I’ve done my job well when a client leaves me some positive feedback, or better yet, when they come back for another job or refer me to a colleague.

If you want to experience success in your voice over business, a good customer service plan needs to be part of your business plan. With that in mind, here are a few tips that can help you achieve this.

8 Tips For Great Customer Service

1) Under-promise and over-deliver: If you tell a client you’ll have their audio in 24 hours, but can provide it in 8 or 6 or 4, do it! You know they’re on a deadline and helping them finish early is going to do nothing but impress them!

2) Actions speak louder than words: Don’t just say you want them to have a great experience. Make sure they do! Deliver professional audio. Edit it clean. Make sure it’s the format they requested. Fix mistakes. Most important, always have a great attitude!

3) One mile is good. Two is better: If they ask you for one read of their script, but you think they might benefit from hearing a different take, go ahead and record it for them. If you have a suggestion for their script that you think might make it better, offer it. Anytime you can go the extra mile you’ll be delivering top notch customer service!

Anytime you can go the extra mile you’ll be delivering top notch customer service!

4) Be their fan: People love to get recognition for their efforts. Whenever I can give a client a little extra promotion or publicity, I always try to do it. Maybe it’s a link or mention on my blog. Perhaps it’s a shout out on Twitter. Maybe I’ll share their content on Facebook. If they hired you as their Voice Talent they believe in you. Return the favour!

5) Respect their time: People are busy. Their plates are full. Their cell phones are ringing, their inbox is full, their boss is chasing them. The last thing they need is a Voice Talent taking up too much of their time. Keep your communication short and to the point. Be thorough, but efficient. Don’t clutter their inbox or voicemail with lengthy messages when a quick one will do.

6) Be available: I really don’t like it when I email or call someone and they don’t get back to me until hours or days later. As a solopreneur, I can’t afford to run my business that way. If I did, I’d be out of business fast. I’m not saying you need to be available 24/7. I’m just saying you need to respond in a timely fashion. Even if the response is a quick, “I just wanted you to know I received your message. I’m out of the office right now, but I’ll get back to you this afternoon.” You won’t last long as a Voice Artist if you don’t have any clients, so once you get them, work hard to keep them!

You won’t last long as a Voice Artist if you don’t have any clients, so once you get them, work hard to keep them!

7) Admit your mistakes: If you screw up, face the music. Nobody wants to say they were wrong, but people will respect you a lot more if you’re willing to apologize when you are. Own your mistakes and work out with your client how you will fix it.

8) Do what you say you’ll do: Once you’ve booked a job be true to your word. Every promise you made to your client that got you the job… make good on them! Don’t cut corners. Don’t get lazy. Give every client your best effort no matter what. Your integrity depends on it!

The Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Really, it should go without saying, but sometimes we all need that reminder. Word of mouth and referrals are such a huge part of my business. Happy clients tell their friends and colleagues! Remember, however, that it works both ways. If you don’t provide excellent customer service, in our digital age, it won’t take long for the word to spread.

What about you? Got any great tips for how to keep Voice Over Clients happy?