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A Procrastination Challenge

ProcrastinationSometimes I like to procrastinate. Or, maybe it’s not so much that I like it as it is, it’s just more convenient. When there are things to be done that I’d rather not do I put them off in favour of doing something else I’d rather do. Like auditioning. Or following up with clients. Or napping. You know. Important stuff.

I’m taking a couple of online courses right now. My end goal is to earn my Teaching and Training Adults certificate. Once I earn that certificate, I’ll enroll in some more courses and eventually, I hope, become a certified Training Officer through the Ontario Fire College. I’m a Volunteer Firefighter, in additional to being a Voice Talent. Just in case you didn’t know.

Here’s something about me that hasn’t changed over the years… my disdain for doing homework.

I’ve never been good at doing homework. Ever. Never. Don’t believe me? Ask my mom. She’ll tell you. You’ll probably even get to watch her get a little riled up as she relives some of the nights when I pulled all-nighters to try and complete projects that were due the next morning. Back in those days, you see, we only had one computer. A Commodore 64. It was in her bedroom.

We’re all guilty of procrastination on some level. We also all usually justify it the same way. We say we’re busy.

What Have You Been Putting Off?

What is that one thing you’ve been putting off this week? Or this month? Or this year? Maybe you need to take a minute to think about it. Maybe you don’t.

Have you fallen behind on your inbox?

When is the last time you followed up with those clients you’ve been meaning to reconnect with?

Can’t find your desk in your office for all the paperwork?

How is that new demo coming? You know, the one you started six weeks ago?

Are your invoices all paid up and caught up? Or is your bookwork a disaster?

A Friday Challenge

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about procrastination it’s this. Whatever it is that I’m putting off, it’s always there in the back of my mind making me feel guilty. It will pop into my head when I really don’t want it to and I’ll try and force it back to the uncharted regions of brain. It usually doesn’t work.

Today, before the end of the day. Before you head off into the weekend. Figure out what that one task is that you’ve been holding out on completing and complete it. If it takes 5 minutes or an hour or a couple hours, just do it. When it’s done you’ll feel a huge sense of relief and likely a real sense of accomplishment.¬†You’ll also be free to enjoy your weekend without the guilt of knowing you haven’t done whatever it is.

Good luck to you with the challenge. If you need me… I’ll be getting caught up on my accounting bookwork!

What will you be working on?