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A Simple Phone Patch Solution

Bluetooth for Voiceover Phone PatchHow many times have you received an audition opportunity and in the instructions read, “Phone patch is required,” or “Client must be able to direct over the phone?”

I’ve been doing voice over work online for years. I work consistently. In all that time, I’ve only done one job where a phone patch was required. For that reason, I don’t have any fancy phone patch equipment as part of my recording setup.

In many cases, just a quick phone conversation with the client before I record can iron out any details that they want to make sure are communicated.

Recently, however, I booked that one job where the client wanted to listen in during the recording session. Nowhere in the audition instructions did it specify this requirement, so I wasn’t prepared for it. The client called to book for me the job, and during that call told me he’d need to listen in.

So what’s a guy to do with no advanced warning and phone patch equipment?

A Simple Fix

The answer… my bluetooth headset for my iPhone.

If you’re not doing phone patch sessions on a regular basis, investing in equipment for such a thing probably doesn’t need to be high on your priority list. It’s certainly not on mine. I’d rather spend that money where it will offer me a greater ROI. Things like marketing, or other more useful hardware or software.

My bluetooth headset worked great.

The client was able to hear me, and offer instruction. I didn’t have to worry about background noise from a phone call interfering with the quality of the recording.

Best part… it didn’t cost me a dime because it was something I already had available.

Sometimes a simple fix is all you need.

QUESTION: Are you phone patch equipped? If not, what’s your solution when the client needs to listen in?