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A Tip For Reconnecting With Past Voice Over Clients

How do you reach out to voice over clients you haven’t worked with in a while without sounding like you’re just trying to hit them up for new work? It’s not as easy as some might think, but it also doesn’t have to be overcomplicated if you’re sincere in your desire to check in and say, “hi.”

I’ve got a few different strategies that I use, but there’s one that is, perhaps, a little more genuine and sincere than others.

A Tip For Reconnecting With Past Clients

handshakeFirst things first, get connected with your clients on social media. That’s the easiest way for this strategy to work. It’s the most logical and least time consuming way to keep up with your clients. With their successes. Their new developments. They’re company news. The latest projects they’ve produced.

Once you’re connected, keep on eye on what they’re up to. I mean this in the least stalkerish way possible. Restraining orders are not part of the game plan. Let me just go on record with that tip right now. 😉

When one of your clients posts a new project, send them a quick note about it. Tell them, “great job.” Be specific. What did you like about it? Great script? Great animation? Great production? Great voice over? Share a specific detail that demonstrates you actually took the time to watch / listen to the project.

That’s it.

No Selling

“But, Marc,” you’re proclaiming! “I didn’t tell them about my amazing voice over services!”

No. No you didn’t.

If they’re a client that means they’re already well aware of your voice over services. You don’t need to tell them about it again.

The purpose of this note is simply to tell show your support for their business. In doing so, you’ve just brought yourself top of mind. If they’ve got something they need a voice for, they’ll think of you.

You don’t need to sell them a thing.

One of the best marketing strategies you can implement in your business is simply being a fan of the businesses you work for.