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A Tip For Your Marketing Emails

I’ve written and sent a lot of marketing emails over the years. A lot. Hundreds. Maybe thousands. I don’t actually count. I just write them and send them.

Over the years I’ve tweaked those emails based on things I’ve learned along the way and based on what’s worked and what hasn’t work with regards to the response I get.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

A Tip For Your Marketing Emails

marketingEdit. Then edit some more. Then edit some more.

Think about how many emails land in your inbox on any given day. Dozens? More? And of all those emails, how many do you actually take the time to read? And of all the ones you actually take the time to read, which ones are most effective?

The really long winded ones?

Or the really short ones?

The Elevator Pitch

If you’ve ever read any books on sales you’ve no doubt heard about the Elevator Pitch. Basically, it’s the pitch you would give to a potential client in the length of time it would take you to make a trip in an elevator.

In other words… give them the good stuff as quickly and effectively as possible.

That’s what your marketing emails need to be. Your Elevator Pitch.

My current marketing email that I use to reach out to Explainer Video Producers is five sentences. That’s it. Five sentences! And since I edited it down to five sentences, it’s generated more responses than any other marketing email I’ve ever sent.

So I say again, if you want to write an effective marketing email… edit… edit… then edit some more.

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