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Are You Entitled To A Good Review?

Recently I hired a freelancer to work on some office tasks for me. Things that are important to my business, but certainly not the most productive use of my time. Whenever there are things I can outsource, I try and do it.

In the job posting I was very clear about the requirements. I outlined everything in great detail. I also set a very hard deadline for the tasks.

Before I made a hiring choice, I asked several qualifying questions of each candidate I was considering, and further highlighted the specifics of the job and the deadline. All understood and agreed to the conditions.

Having narrowed my choices down, I made a hiring decision, and for a third time, I outlined all the job specifics with the successful candidate and again reminded them of the hard deadline for the project. To be sure they clearly understood my requirements, I asked them to do a sample for me. If it was correct, they could apply it to the finished project.

This qualifying project was completed to my satisfaction, and we proceeded with the job.

Pay Attention!

A couple days before the deadline, I followed up with the freelancer to confirm things were going smoothly. They told me all was well. I asked if they had any questions or needed any clarity on on the job. They told me they were good, and they’d have my project by the deadline.

When the deadline came, the project was not complete.

Further to this, what was completed wasn’t done correctly! Despite going over project specifics with them several times, and having them do a sample prior to the project start… they got it wrong. They did not follow the VERY CLEAR instructions.

To their credit, after we discussed it, they did make the necessary changes, and eventually the project was completed as requested. However, it was completed several days late.

Are You Entitled To A Good Review?

At the project close, I was asked to leave a review for the freelancer. I gave them a 3.5 out of 5 star review and explained clearly why I had done so. I was also sure to point out that they did ultimately make things right, but they were still late with the deadline after not following the original instructions.

A day later, I received an email from a very upset freelancer.

They were shocked that I would give them a 3.5 out of 5 star review. They further explained that I was messing with their livelihood, as their reviews impacted their ability to book future opportunities.

They asked me repeatedly to change my review and give them 5 stars.

I would not.

Was I wrong? Does this make me a bad guy?

No. I don’t think it does.

Here’s a newsflash… you’re not entitled to a good review! Not if you don’t do the job! Not if you don’t earn it.

It’s not my fault if an honest review impacts your business. It’s your fault for conducting your business poorly.

You’re not entitled to a good review. You get the review you earn!
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Always Follow Directions

From time-to-time, voice actors write me to vent their frustrations after working with “difficult clients.” As they explain the situation to me, it’s very clear that it wasn’t the client who was difficult. It was the voice actor. Who failed the follow direction. Who failed to listen to instruction. Who believes because they’re the talent, the client should just “trust them.”

That’s how you EARN a bad review!

Maybe I’m getting older and don’t understand the current generation. I don’t know. But one thing remains certain to me. You’re entitled to what you earn based on the job you’ve done.

Nobody owes you a five star review for three star work.

If you don’t want a bad review, do what the client asks.

Exactly how they ask.

Problem solved. 😉

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of your business. What do I always say about customer service?

Happy clients are repeat clients… and they tell their friends.

In the same way, unhappy clients will talk to their friends too!

Give five star service… get five star results!