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Are You In The 8%? Or The 92%?

The 8% and the 92%. Which one are you? Or is the question even that simple? Almost all of us want to be the 8%, but many of us never make it outside of the 92%.

What am I talking about?

People who achieve their goals.

Research conducted at the University of Scranton and shared in Inc. Magazine shows that a staggering 92% of the population doesn’t achieve the goals they set for themselves, and there are a number of reasons why.

If you’re going to set some serious goals for yourself and your voice over business, here are a few things you need to incorporate.

5 Essentials For Setting Great Goals

Write Them Down: Something happens when you transfer an idea from your head and commit it to paper. It makes a difference. It also gives you something tangible to review daily.

Be Specific and Challenging (but not too challenging): “I want to make more money.”

That’s not a very good goal. If you make an extra dollar, that’s more money… but that’s probably not what you had in mind.

“I want to make an extra $6,000 each month.”

If you’re just starting out, that’s going to be too challenging, and you’ll likely give up if you’re not hitting the mark.

“In 2017, I’m going to commit to earning an extra $1,500 every month from my voice over work.”

That’s more like it! Specific with an attainable challenge.

Set Deadlines: Without deadlines, goals don’t get accomplished. Period. It becomes too easy for us to just put tasks off until tomorrow. Eventually, tomorrow becomes a month, then six months, and then a year!

Be Passionate: You can’t set goals simply for the sake of setting them. You need to set goals that you’re passionate about and committed to seeing through.

Find Accountability: This one is a difference maker. Who is going to kick you in the pants when you’re slacking off? When you’re losing focus? Or, as equally important, who is going to lift you up when you need encouragement?!

There are two other things that matter when it comes to achieving your goals…

1) Take action! Small incremental steps lead to big changes and big results!

2) Successful people make decisions based on their goals, not on their feelings!

Read that one again… Successful people make decisions based on their goals, not on their feelings!

Having a target to aim at makes it a lot easier to hit it.

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