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Are You Living In The Past, Present or Future?

There are three places we can exist. Past. Present. Future.

Where do you live?


I’ve had conversations with many voice actors who spend a great deal of time in the past, but from two very different perspectives. There are those who dwell on the negatives; all the missed opportunities, blown auditions, gigs that didn’t come through. Then there are those who like to spend time reflecting on where they started and how far they’ve come.

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which of these is the more productive. However, it’s also important to note, the past is the past. It can’t be undone, re-written or altered in any way. While it’s nice to remember how far you’ve come, it does you no good to settle in and live there.


past-present-future-clockI’m a goal oriented guy. It’s a subject I’ve written about more than a few times on this blog. I do believe that it’s important to spend a little time looking ahead. Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? If you want to develop as a voice talent and grow your business, you’ve got to have a plan for the future.

However, like the past, it’s also possible to spend too much time in the future. If all you’re doing is daydreaming about where you want to go, that’s time you’re not spending trying to get there!


It’s surprising to me how little time some people spend in the present. Between reflecting on the past and dreaming about the future, they forget to take care of business in the now.

And so begins a circle.

When you miss the present it leads to regrets in the past and more time daydreaming about how it’s going to be better in the future. Have you ever caught yourself in that cycle?

I know I have.

A Challenge

today-is-a-giftSo here’s your challenge today. Spend a day living in the now. What steps can you take today to improve your business? What action can you take today that will make you a better voice actor?

That client you wish you had reached out to (past) and still talk about reaching out to one day (future). Do it today! (present)

That piece of equipment you’ve talked about buying for a year (past) and have a picture hanging on your fridge so you can dream about it (future); what practical step can you take today to work towards it? (present)

The new demo you’ve been procrastinating on for a year (past) and will get to “one day,” (future); start compiling audio today!

Spend a little time in the present today and make a difference for your future that you can reflect back on one day when you’re remembering your past!