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Are You Prepared For A Canada Post Strike?

This morning when I went to check my mail, part of my regular morning routine, at the box, several other residents in my building were gathered around listening to some news being relayed by the building Superintendent.

It would seem Canada Post workers are planning on walking off the job. Possibly as early as July 2, 2016. According to the individual who delivers mail to my building lately, they suggested we be prepared for a minimum 3-5 month standoff with no mail delivery whatsoever. Workers will be locked out. Post offices will be shuttered.

canada-postLet me go on the record immediately as saying, I have no desire to turn this into a political debate. I will not engage in dialogue on workers rights to strike, union contracts, negotiations or any other nonsense.

My reason for posting this blog is simple… if you’re a Canadian Voice Actor, you better start making preparations.

While many of my clients pay using digital methods, such as Stripe or PayPal, I still have a number of clients that send good old-fashioned cheques. Cheques that, should the strike occur, I will be unable to receive. The last thing I want is for a cheque to be dropped in the mail in the next two weeks, and it not be delivered until sometime around Thanksgiving!

This morning I’ve already begun sending emails to my clients who regularly pay by cheque offering them several alternatives including Stipe, PayPal, Direct Deposit and E-Transfers.

If you’re a Canadian VO and you’ve got clients still paying by cheque, I’d advise you to be pro-active in establishing other payment alternatives so you don’t get caught waiting for months for payments to arrive.

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