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Are You Preparing For 2017 Yet?

It’s not too early to start thinking about your business goals for 2017. I know, I know. You just made it through Thanksgiving, and now everybody is trying to hit you up for Christmas. You probably haven’t even started to think about thinking about 2017 yet.

That’s a mistake.

Let me encourage you to take some time to really brainstorm where you want to be, come this time next year.

Write it all down. Draw your goals from it. Set plans and specific actions you’ll take to get there.

Are You Preparing For 2017 Yet?

Consider things like…

What would you like to earn in 2017?
How many jobs would you like to book?
What genre will you expand into?
What conference(s) will you attend?
What workshop(s)/course(s) will you register for?
Who is one of your dream clients you want to land?

All of these things are possible to plan and prepare for.

Before any of it will happen, you need to set specific goals, get them written down, and revisit them every single day to remind yourself what you’re working towards!

I’ve not made it to where I am in my career by accident or happenstance. Speak with any successful individual in any line of work, and odds are, they’d tell you the same. It happens by being intentional with every action. Deliberate with every choice. Being focused on every goal, detail and outcome.

The more thorough your goals, the more likely you are the achieve them.

Time to get started!

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