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Back In The Office

Peggy's Cove Nova ScotiaThat was a great vacation.

An epic road trip.

All told… nearly 6,000 kilometres. That’s about 3,800 miles for my American friends.

The adventure began at 6a on Sunday July 1st and it ended at about 2a on Sunday July 8th.

The journey criss-crossed 4 States (New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine) and 4 Provinces (Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island).

I ate a lot of lobster. A lot!

I saw Fenway Park in Boston. I climbed on the rocks at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia. I road the ferry from Saint John to Digby. I stood next to the lighthouse where the first distress signals from Titanic were received in Prince Edward Island. I have a bag of Lobster flavoured Potato Chips from PEI I can’t wait to dive into!

Bucket List: East Coast Road Trip –

Now I’m back in the office and ready to record your voice-over. Time to start saving funds for next year… when I hope to head west!