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Back To School, Halloween and Christmas: Is Your Voice Over Business Ready?

I realize that it’s still the middle of summer. I can appreciate that mentioning any of the three following events, Back to School, Halloween or Christmas, could cause a bit of a ruckus. Some will get upset, some will stop reading, some will tell me to shut up, enjoy the summer and take a vacation.

All fair responses. I wouldn’t fault anyone for any of them. That said, if you want to be successful in your voice over business, you might want to put your feelings aside for a few minutes and keep reading.

Back to School, Halloween and Christmas

In the retail world all three of these events share one common denominator. Sales. Businesses will do about anything to get you through the door to spend your money on pencils, backpacks, new wardrobes, candy and gifts.

What could this mean for your voice over business?

  • How many clients do you have who will need updates to their voicemail greetings and on hold messages?
  • How many clients do you have who will need ┬ánew commercials for radio and television?
  • How many clients do you have who will be hiring seasonal staff and need new employee training videos?
  • How many clients do you have who will produce promo videos for their web site, Facebook page and YouTube channel?
  • How many clients do you have who are planning to create and launch new apps for the holidays?

Ask Yourself The Questions

big-saleWhen you actually sit down and consider all the different ways Back to School, Halloween and Christmas can impact a business, you’ll be able to, I believe, make a rather lengthy list of all the ways it’s going to impact each of your clients.

As you ask the questions, start making notes about how you can meet a need for each of your clients and start thinking about ways to effectively market your solution to them. You might even think about it before they do!

It’s Never Too Soon To Market

Back to School is a month away. Halloween is two months away and retailers will be stocking their products before you know it. Christmas is only a few months down the road and we all know the holiday season starts earlier and earlier each year!

Asking yourself the right questions now, coming up with solutions to meet the needs of your clients, and getting your personalized marketing of those solutions to those clients in a timely fashion could mean the difference between black or red ink for your voice over business as each event approaches!

QUESTION: Do you do special marketing blitzes for holidays?