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Burned Breadsticks

Last night I ordered pizza. Pizza from a reputable, national franchise. I’m not naming names. This isn’t about shaming and calling out. It’s about a learning experience.

For you.

For me.

After I returned home from picking up the pizza, I dove into my box of breadsticks like a savage beast who hadn’t eaten in a week. There were two problems…

  1. My breadsticks I ordered with cheese had no cheese.
  2. My breadsticks were burned. Not a little burned. A lot burned. I’m a firefighter. I know burned!

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

After a minute or two contemplating whether it was worth it to drive my pizza back across town and have my order corrected, I decided it wasn’t worth it. I was hungry. Too hungry to go for another drive and wait for another 20 minutes. The pizza franchise got off easy tonight.

Burned Breadsticks

How many times have you walked into a fast food joint, ordered a burger, and when you sit down to eat it, it’s just a sloppy mess?

This happens to me a lot. Each time, I ask myself the same question.

“Doesn’t anybody take pride in their work anymore?”

Sandwich artist, my butt!

If I was the pizza guy and I pulled totally burned breadsticks out of the oven, I’d throw them straight into the trash. Not straight into a takeout box. It’s about taking pride in your work. It’s about honouring and respecting your customers who are paying hard earned money for your food.

It’s easier to be lazy and not care.

Only Your Best. Toss The Rest

When you’re cranking out audition after audition all day, it’s really easy to get complacent and let your effort slide.

When you’re editing a 20 minute eLearning project that’s taking forever, it’s easy to let the “less noticeable” clicks and breaths slide.

When you misread the script, but think the client won’t notice, it’s easy to let the edit slide.

Sloppy burgers and burned breadsticks.

Doesn’t your client deserve better? I know mine do!

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