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Can A Dream Board Bring You More Voice Over Work?

Vision BoardLately I’ve been reading a number of different books on the subject of auto-suggestion, positive thinking and prosperity thinking. I’ve found many of them to be extremely useful and informative.

I really do believe in the power of positive thinking. I’ve put it to the test and I’ve watched it work!

If you believe that everything in the universe at its core is energy, then it makes sense that we can attract positive or negative energy based on how we think.

What’s A Dream Board?

One common idea that has been mentioned and discussed to various degrees in each of the books I’ve read is the idea of having a dream board. An actual physical (or virtual) board that you can look at throughout the day. Seeing your “dreams” in front of you acts as a motivator. It also directs your focus and energy.

The general idea is to gather images of the things you want. They could be anything from a new microphone for your studio to a new car or a vacation destination for your family. Nothing is off limits. In fact, the entire concept is quite the contrary. Everything is fair game! There should be no limitations to your dream board.

You can have one big board. Several specific boards. You can have a physical board with photos and clippings from magazines or you can have a virtual board on your tablet or computer. Regardless of your chosen medium, the point is to have it somewhere you’ll see it. Often!

Can A Dream Board Bring You More Voice Over Work?

Dream BoardThis is a really great question. It all depends on the angle you’re approaching it from. If you put pictures of people recording voice over work on a piece of cork board, hang it on your wall, and then sit on the couch waiting for the work to come, the answer is no. This won’t bring you work. It also means you need to re-evaluate your career choice. But that’s another blog for another day.

However, if your dream board is filled with all the things you want to achieve, purchase, have, experience, etc…, do I believe a dream board can bring you more voice over work? Yes. Yes I do!

Have you ever had a day (or days, or week) where you’ve auditioned a ton, made contact with a bunch of clients, and not made a dime? For whatever reason, you just didn’t book any work. Let me ask you, after those days, did you feel motivated to hit it hard the next day? Or did you feel defeated? Did you have positive energy? Or negative energy?

Chances are you had negative energy and you were feeling like you were wasting your time. Spinning in circles. And so begins the spiral where one day of no work leads to two days of no work. Then three. Four. It’s up to you to break the cycle.

Now, what if, after a bad day, or better yet, during a bad day, you kept looking at your dream board? You saw that microphone. That car. That vacation. That new computer. That new piece of software. Filling your brain and your thoughts with all the things you’re working towards will change your energy. Now, instead of feeling negative and defeated, you’re feeling positive and motivated!

Does It Really Work?

DreamboardTwo weeks ago I had a bad week. I didn’t book anything. Not one job. Those weeks are rare for me, but sometimes they do happen. It was frustrating, I won’t lie to you.

Last week, I built my dream board. Now, keep in mind, I already had a list of goals I want to accomplish in 2013, but creating the dream board gave me visual motivation. I found images for everything on my goal list. I thought about those things all day. I looked at them in the morning. During the day. In the evening. At night before I went to bed.

Last week I not only met my weekly budget, but I exceeded it. Exactly what I need to do each week in order to get everything on my dream board!

So does it really work?

I’m a believer!

Maybe now is a good time to start working on your dream board! If you’d like to create a virtual one check out iDreamboard HD for iPad. That’s what I use. You can download it here.

QUESTION: Do you have a dream board? Does it work for you?