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Christmas Marketing at a Local Level

Someone I’ve done coaching with, Lisa, shared a story with me on the weekend that was so great, I immediately asked for her permission to share it. I was quite excited for her and I know it can be an inspiration for you to think outside of the traditional voice over box when it comes to marketing your business.

Casting sites, agents, freelance sites are all obvious choices. But they aren’t the only choices!

Lisa purchased at $20 vendor table at a Christmas Craft Show in her community. Now you’re probably thinking, “huh? Why?”

Christmas Marketing at a Local Level

Look beyond the concept of a craft show and consider the bigger picture. Who attends craft shows? People who live in the community. Who lives in the community? People who own businesses!

In other words, people who could benefit from Lisa’s voice over services.

In 24 hours since the event, Lisa says she’s already had three solid leads!

Consider everything she gets for a $20 investment…

  • Exposure in her community as a small business.
  • Networking potential with every person in attendance.
  • Visibility as a community supporter.
  • An opportunity to play her demos for people in person.
  • The chance to explain voice over to business owners who may not understand it.

Not bad for a $20 investment!

It’s out of the box marketing like this that’s going to lead to the opportunities other people who are only using traditional methods won’t find. What a cool way to show a little community support and stir up a little interest.

I bet there’s at least a few Christmas Craft shows happening in your area. Maybe it’s something worth looking into!

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