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Christmas Phone Recordings

Whether any of us are prepared for it or even willing to accept it, the fact of the matter is, the holidays are coming. Already I’m seeing Christmas commercials popping up on my television. Retailers have begun sending out e-newsletters advertising Christmas product and specials. In fact, the other night driving home from work I passed a home that already had their Christmas lights up… and turned on!

The holidays are coming, and we can’t stop the train.

In the midst of all that hustle and bussel, there is one item that is sometimes overlooked. The voicemail greeting you have on your company phone system. Many businesses run extended hours leading up to Christmas. Is that change reflected on your on-hold message?

Will you be closing down for Christmas? Have you recorded the necessary phone system greeting that will let clients calling know of this change?

Are you offering amazing specials that you’d like customers to know about? Do you have shipping deadlines they should be aware of? Or would you simply like to with them a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year?

It may be too early to put up the tree, or perhaps not depending on your perspective, but it’s certainly not too early to book a voiceover session to update your phone systems for the holiday.

If you ┬áhave a script, or scripts, that you need to get written and recorded to prepare yourself, I’m available to discuss your voiceover needs. Together, we can make sure that your company phone system is fully prepared for the 2011 Christmas season. Click here to contact me.

Click here for a full demo of my phone systems voice work. Below are a couple of quick samples…

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