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Clicky Mouth? Try Biotene!

marc scott voice over biotene mouthwashI read a post on Voice123 the other day about mouthwash. In it, the voice talent that wrote the post specifically mentioned Biotene. He was told by his doctor that it worked great for dry and clicky mouth.

Is clicky even a word?

I digress…

Clickin’ Pain In My Butt

I have a lot of trouble with dry mouth. I also have a lot of trouble with clicky mouth. I’ve tried all the usual suggestions. Avoiding dairy. Drinking room temperature water (about 4-5 bottles a day on average). Brushing my teeth. Eating green apples. Rinsing with mouthwash. I read somewhere about peanut butter once. I tried that too.

For me, nothing seemed to work and it was annoying.

It wasn’t just annoying because of clicks. It was also annoying because of the time those clicks cost me. Do you know how long it takes to edit every last one of those things out of a voice over audition? Or a final recording? Do you have any idea how stinking hard it is as well?!

If you suffer from clicky mouth, you likely do.

Clickin’ Fantastic

As soon as I finished reading the post I jumped in my truck and drove to my local Shoppers Drug Mart. I found a nice big bottle of Biotene Mouthwash, took it to the counter, checked out and headed straight back home to put it to the test.

I rinsed as soon as I walked in the door.

Then I sat down to record an audition.

I couldn’t believe my ears. Or mouth!

I didn’t have one single click in the audition that I recorded. Not one!!!

If you read the post on Voice123 (How a Flu Shot and Mouthwash Saved a Voiceover Career) and were skeptical, let me tell you right now, straight up… that stuff is clickin’ fantastic!

So thanks to Ben and Voice123 I’ll now have click free auditions, minty fresh breath, and less plaque then next time I visit my dentist! A trifecta of awesome!

QUESTION: What tips have you got to offer for dry mouth and/or clicky mouth?