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Demo Tips From Uncle Roy

In February of next year, I’ll be heading into the studio with “Uncle Roy,” aka, Roy Yokelson of Antland Productions. He’s going to produce a brand new commercial demo for me, and I couldn’t be more excited!

For my 12 VO Tips of Christmas, I reached out to Uncle Roy and asked if he’d share some of his wisdom with us all. He agreed, and you’ll find his thoughts on the demo production process below.

Uncle Roy’s Top 5 Tips For Hiring a Pro to Produce and Direct Your Next VO Demo

1. Coach with your potential demo producer (at least 1 or 2 sessions) to see if working with this particular individual feels like a good fit. Does the potential demo producer seem have your best interests in mind? Might they have good advice for marketing your demo after it is produced?

2. Hire a seasoned pro — someone who’s been producing great sounding demos for at least 5 years (plus or minus).

3. There are MANY places and people who claim to produce voice over demos. Buyer beware! Do your research and find the right demo producer for you. There are really only a small group who are worthy of the task at hand.

4. DO NOT self produce your demo! Everyone does much better with direction from a good demo producer. Casting directors and potential agents will see (hear) right through your home-made attempts.

5. Remember, it’s Voice Acting — you are always SOMEONE: a best friend, the pharmacist, a brother-in-law/sister-in-law, mom, dad, etc. This is your chance to showcase your range.

So much more to know and learn about! Ask your potential demo producer lots of questions before making a decision. The wrong demo producer will leave you with an unmarketable demo and you’ll have spent your hard earned money — let’s spend it wisely. However, demos and consultations are what demo producers do for a living. Be mindful of their time. If the initial consult is running long, as you may have MANY questions regarding voice over in general, be prepared to pay for their valuable time.

‘Uncle Roy’ Yokelson is an Emmy Award winning 35 year veteran of the audio and voice over industries. He is passionate about and dedicated to the voice over community.

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