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Do You Settle For What’s On TV?

guy watching tvI am a professional male voice talent because it’s what I love to do. I love it for the variety that it brings to my life; different projects each day.

I love it for the relationships it brings into my life; so many great clients.

I love it for the freedom and flexibility it affords me; I’m an entrepreneur. My own boss. Master of my own destiny!

Why I Do Voice Over

The other reason I love doing voice over is because it makes it possible for me to do all the other things I want to enjoy in life.

* Making dinner for family and friends.

* Going shopping or to see a movie.

* Taking an adventure by road or by air.

* Going places. Exploring new cities.

* Having a nice vehicle.

* Saving for my future.

* Support causes and charities that are important to me.

The list goes on… and on… and on…

creating the perfect lifestyleI’m reading a book right now titled, “Creating The Perfect Lifestyle.” Only a couple pages into the book it hit me with the following quote.

“We all gravitate to those activities that really excite us. But too often we settle for something less, or end up watching on TV what we would love to be doing ourselves.”

I don’t know about you, but for me, that quote was a punch right in the face. One I needed. One I think we all need from time to time when we get complacent or lose our motivation.

Don’t Settle For TV

One of the comments I made to my girlfriend last year was that I’m tired of always talking about all the things I want to do. That it’s time to start doing them!

That’s why we took off to Vegas for a few days in January to see Cirque Du Soleil. That’s why, last September, we flew to Boston to see a Blue Jays game at Fenway Park. That’s why last summer we drove the Prince Edward Island and back in a week. That’s why this summer we’re heading the other direction… to British Columbia.

People ask me if I ever sleep. They ask me if I work around the clock, if I ever stop.

Do you know why I work so hard at voice over? First, because I love it. Second, becauseĀ I don’t want to be that guy that watches his life lived by other people on TV. I’d like to live it myself, thank you very much!

QUESTION: Do you spend more time watching the things you want to do on TV than actually doing them yourself?