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DollarShaveClub.comYesterday I went to Shoppers to buy blades for my Gilette razor. I also nearly had to buy heart medication. Is there some sort of razor blade shortage going on right now? Are razor blade prices directly connected to gas prices? Was there a hurricane I missed? Did it take out a top secret storage facility where all the razor blades in the world are stored?

I only ask because it cost me $28 for a pack of blades.

Yes. You read that correctly… $28!!!

I feel violated. I also feel like an idiot. Honestly… who pays $28 for a pack of five razors blades? If I had known they’d be that much I’d rather try plucking my facial hair with tweezers. I’ve got some free time between voiceover sessions!

Today I saw this commercial for It did two things. First… it made me laugh. It’s hilarious. A brilliantly creative spot that will put a smile on your face. Second, it made me feel like even more of an idiot. $28 people. $28 bucks. How did I not know about this club before?

Have you watched or maybe voiced a great commercial recently? Share it in the comments below.