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Exceptional Customer Service and Voice Over

exceptional customer serviceI run my voice over business with the motto that happy clients are repeat clients. That’s one of the reasons the majority of my work comes through clients I’ve previously worked with.

I strive to offer exceptional customer service.

As I write this, it’s 11:57pm on Tuesday. I’ve been working non stop since 10am. A combination of voice over auditions and booked gigs. The one I’ve been working on tonight was a 3,641 word training video. My client asked if I could deliver it by Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. When she arrives in the office tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, her audio files will be waiting for her.

That’s how I define exceptional customer service. Not just meeting, but exceeding expectation. I just bought my client over a day of time on her deadline. Priceless.

Exceptional Customer Service

It’s not hard to provide exceptional customer service. In fact, most of the ways you can do it as a voice talent come with little or no cost financially. Just a little bit of extra effort.

* Deliver finished audio ahead of schedule.

* Don’t make clients wait if you don’t have to.

* Offer suggestions on ways to improve their script.

* Promote your client (and the project) via your web site and social network.

* When you have more than one interpretation of the script, why not provide an extra take or two?

* Don’t nickel and dime over budgets and especially over pickups.

* Did they write a great script? Produce a great video? Make a great commercial? Tell them!

Go Above And Beyond

Taking the opportunity to go above and beyond is the type of thing that keeps clients happy and coming back. It’s also the type of thing that gets you great referrals. Happy clients will often tell their friends and colleagues.

If you want to make a name for yourself in the voice over industry, providing exceptional customer service is a great foundation to build your reputation on.

Clients want to work with people who are easy to work with and who will solve their problems. Do these things well and you’ll always have work.

QUESTION: How do you provide exceptional customer service?