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Fewer Ideas; More Implementation

Amy Porterfield hosts a fantastic podcast on marketing. It’s one of the ones I try and listen to every single week. In one of her recent episodes, this was a line she shared.

“Fewer Ideas; More Implementation.”

That really struck me. Mostly because I’m definitely an ideas man.

Just look at my Evernote Notebooks and you’d see. There are hundreds of ideas. Thoughts. Considerations. Brainstorms.

The problem with so many ideas is that most of them never make it beyond something you write down on a piece of paper. Type in an app. Think about in an inspired moment.

Then they’re lost.

What is it they say? “A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

I guess an idea without implementation is kind of the same.

Fewer Ideas; More Implementation.
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That’s why I’ve been thinking about this, “Fewer Ideas; More Implementation” concept an awful lot in the last couple weeks.

What if we spent more time doing stuff, and less time thinking it up?

How different would our careers be?

How different would our voice over businesses be?

How many more opportunities would we have?

Personally, I’m taking it on as a challenge. I encourage you to give it a try too!

This week, start┬áby taking just one of your ideas. Make a plan for how to implement it, and then… as they say, “git ‘er done!”

Ideas are fantastic; but only action produces results!