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Five Things You Can Do Today To Spark Your Creativity

A common misconception among voice actors, particularly those starting out, is that there isn’t much need for creativity in our part of the business. The creativity, it’s assumed, is up to the producers. The copywriters. The advertisers. You’re not wrong. Those people need to be creative.

So do you.

You need to get creative in your marketing. Creative in your demos. Creative in your social media. Creative in your customer service. Creative in your web presence.

Five Things You Can Do Today To Spark Your Creativity

creativity-colored-pencilsPersonally, I don’t have a natural inclination towards creativity. Not like some people I know. People who can’t keep up with all their ideas. I envy those people a little bit.

It’s not uncommon for me to sit for hours on end trying to come up with creative ideas or solutions to problems and walk away no further ahead then when I started.

So I needed a new plan.

Here are five things you can do right now to spark your creativity.

Leave Town: For a day. A night. A weekend. A couple times a year I take off for a weekend. I lock myself in a hotel suite and just dream and brainstorm and plan. And it’s amazing. As soon as I get away, I can’t write my ideas down fast enough.

Read A Book: I love picking up a good book. Something about business. Something about marketing. A bio of someone successful I admire. Often times I keep a notebook with me. Ideas almost always start flowing when I read.

Retail Adventure: Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but feel creative when I go to Ikea. When I’m really in a rut and need a quick creative boost, I’ve got an Ikea about a half hour away. As I walk through the store I always feel energized.

Stop Stifling: One of the biggest blocks to creativity is when we stifle our own ideas. Don’t stifle those ideas! Expand on them. Let your mind run wild and free. Brainstorm them through. Nothing is off limits. You might be surprised where it takes you!

Try A New Space: When’s the last time you grabbed your laptop or a notebook and spent a few hours in a new environment? Maybe a local coffee shop. A picnic table in the park. A quick change of scenery for an hour or two can do wonders.

The more ideas you have, and the more you work them through, the bigger your business will become. The more successful you will be!