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Handwritten Thank You Cards

Handwritten Thank You NoteA couple months ago I wrote a blog about the business practice of saying thank you. You can read that post here. Of course, this shouldn’t just be a business practice, it should be an everyday practice. But it doesn’t hurt to have a friendly reminder now and then.

Today I’d like to expand on that a little bit to a new practice I’ve recently started.

Do you remember the days before email? When people actually looked forward to a visit from the Mail Man (or Mail Lady). Or, for small town folks like me, making that trip to check the post office box. We never knew what would be in there waiting for us, but we always hoped for something good. A letter from a friend. A card for an occasion. A cheque from Publisher’s Clearing House!

We used to get excited about the mail.

I don’t know about you, but since email took over, the only thing I ever get in my post office box now is bills. Truth be told, most of them come to my email inbox now too. That means that most of my visits to the post office box go something like this… Anticipation. Hope. Emptiness. Disappointment.

I can only assume I am not alone in this. So I’ve decided to do something about it.

Send Your Voice-over Clients A Postcard

I recently ordered some custom postcards. They have all of my contact information on them and a blank space to write a note. Ask me the last time I wrote anything by hand and I’d be hard pressed to remember. I decided it was time to do something about that as well.

To address the two issues… my fading handwriting skills and peoples empty post office boxes, I’ve now started sending handwritten thank you notes to all of my new voice-over clients.

They get mail that isn’t a bill. I get to remember how communication worked before typing. It’s a win win! Plus, they now have another reminder of my contact information, should they choose to get in touch with me about another voice job.

Give it a try sometime. You never know. You just might make someone’s day by giving them an old-fashioned piece of handwritten mail!