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Have vs Want: The Power of a Word

Think about these two statements…

I have to do marketing today.

I want to do marketing today.

Which one has the greatest appeal to you? Which one is more motivating? Which one sounds like an opportunity?

Have To

When I start out my day telling myself, “I have to do marketing today,” I’m immediately setting myself up for a chore. By the seemingly insignificant choice of a single word, it shifts my entire mindset into a negative one. Usually, before I’ve even rolled out of bed.

We don’t generally like it when people tell us we have to do something.

Are you a parent? When you say to your kids, “you have to pick up your toys,” or, “you have to brush your teeth,” or, “you have to go to bed now,” what kind of reaction to you generally get?

Excitement or protest?

Why should we expect anything different from ourselves?

Marketing your voice over business can be hard work. Sending those emails. Making those calls. Getting in all those touches on social media. All the while, never knowing for sure if it’s going to pay off. Yeah… it can hard work.

Why make it even more challenging for yourself by going in with a negative mindset?

Want To

On the flip side, how do you feel when you want to do something?

I want to go shopping.

I want to watch my favourite TV show.

I want to spend a week’s vacation on a beach.

Does that get you charged up? It gets me charged up! When I want to do something, generally speaking, it’s a much more positive experience for me than having to do something.

Two simple words. By all accounts, many would consider them interchangeable. In reality, they’re not. At all!

Whether we realize it, intend it or consider it, have (in this context), comes with an implication of a negative force, whereas want suggests opportune choice.

The Power of a Word

I’m focusing on being much more conscious of my word choices these days, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you it’s making a difference.

When I start my day telling myself, “I want to do some marketing today,” one way or another, it always gets done. Something else I’ve noticed, when I come at it from free choice with a positive mindset, my ROI seems to be higher too!

What about you?

Do you have to do marketing today?

Or, do you want to do marketing today?

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