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How Do You Reply To A Request For Retakes?

Exceptional Customer ServiceYou’ve listened to the clients direction for their voice over project. You’ve recorded the track, edited the audio, and have delivered the finished file. All is right with the world. The sun is shining. There’s a rainbow. On the other end of that rainbow is your payment… which will arrive promptly, no doubt.

Then you get the email you weren’t expecting.

“Hey [your name]. I was wondering, we’re not totally satisfied with the audio you delivered. We’d like you to read it again making it sound more like [insert new directions here]. We appreciate your understanding. When do you think we might be able to get the new file?”

In my experience, there are two responses to this email, which we’ve all received. There’s the right response and the wrong response.

The Wrong Response

If you email your client back, or give them a call, and approach it from a negative point of view, you’re giving the wrong response. Some examples of the wrong response (that I’ve seen)…

  • I read the script exactly like you wanted. You’re wrong.
  • If you want a new read it’s going to cost you.
  • You want a re-read? Well, I’ll see when I can get to it. Maybe next week.
  • I don’t offer retakes. If you don’t like it, tough. (Actually heard this response from a talent before)

Here’s the thing. There seems to be this ridiculous notion among some voice actors that clients are out to get us, and looking for ways to get work for free.

customer-service-cartoon-thumb1Ask Yourself A Question

Can I ask you a question? What, exactly, is the benefit to the client of having you read their script over again?

There’s none!

If you have to do it again, it means that they have to bump their deadline.

It means they have to edit their project over again because the first read didn’t fit in the timeline.

It means they heard the audio and it didn’t jive with their vision.

If they’re asking you to reread the script it’s not because they’re trying to screw you. It’s because they’re trying to get their project right.¬†Should they expect any less than the best? Should you offer them any less than the best?

The Right Response

“Ok. I’ll take care of that for you as soon as I can.”

That’s it. Quick. Simple. To the point.

No hassles. No complaining. No coming back for more money. No telling them they’re wrong. If you thought you delivered a great read and you’re frustrated, after you hit send on your email, go into your bedroom and scream into your pillow. Whatever you do, do NOT vent your frustrations to your client.

If you want to succeed in business, if you want to set yourself apart from other talent, provide exceptional client service!

Do that, and you’ll always have plenty of clients!

QUESTION: How do you answer the retake question?