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How To Fail At Voice Over

You’ve got a voice. Check.

You’ve got a mic. Check.

You’ve got a demo. Check.

You’re all set. Ready to be the next voice over superstar. National commercials will flock to you. Major corporations are lined up to have you voice their eLearning modules. The New York Times Best Selling Authors are hunting you down to record their ebooks.

It’s time to start living the dream.

Without This… You Will Fail.

nice-companies-finish-firstI read a book this week titled, Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cutthroat Management Is Over–and Collaboration Is In by Peter Shankman. Let me just say that this book is a must read!

Although it’s filled with little nuggets that will help you become a better entrepreneur and overall better at business, in my opinion, the chapter on Customer Service was worth the price of the book alone.

Perhaps the most powerful statement in that chapter was this…

Let me be as blunt as humanly possible; without stellar customer service, your business will die. – Peter Shankman

He’s right!

No Clients… No Business

With no clients, you have no voice over business. With happy clients, you have lots of voice over business!

Something so simple. But something so often overlooked.

Your client has a problem. Your job is simple. Solve it!

They need a voice over. Give them one. They need it by a certain deadline. Meet it. They have a certain budget. Do your best to work with it. They require certain audio specs. Deliver.

Do whatever you can within your power and within reason to keep your clients happy and they will keep coming back. They’ll also tell their friends!

QUESTION: Do you have a customer service policy for your voice over business?