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How To Get Better At Voice Over Today

Growth ChartI read a quote once. I didn’t write it down. I should have. I usually do. No matter. You’ll get the gist of it. I just won’t be able to properly credit the individual responsible for the wise words that, if you allow them to, can change your entire perspective on your career.

Quite the set up, isn’t it?

Every day of your life you’re getting better at something.

That’s it. Was it as profound as you hoped?

What Are You Doing?

The thing about this quote, other than it’s overall truth, is how it applies and is realized.

Every day of your life you’re getting better at something.

For example, if you spend every day in your jammies sitting on the couch watching TV, you’re getting better at it every single day. Eventually, you’ll be awesome. There will be nobody that can hold a candle to your jammie wearing, couch sitting, TV watching skills.

Admirable, I suppose. And maybe even successful, depending on your definition.

I aspire to more.

Being A Great Voice Talent

getting-betterDo you know there are days when I submit a dozen or more auditions and don’t book a single one? It’s true. Even after all these years as a male voice talent, and despite the fact that it’s my full time profession, I have those days.

Sometimes, I have a couple of them in a row!

The thing is, I’m getting better. I know this because, every day of my life I’m getting better at something. If I devote my efforts and energy to voice over each day, then I know I’m getting better.

You will too!

Change Your Perspective

You have two choices, the way I see it.

1) Plug away each and every day. Be frustrated when things aren’t going your way. See every job you don’t book as a failure. Complain about your struggles. Wallow in defeat.

2) Remember that every single day you’re getting better. Each audition you submit makes you better. Each course or webinar or coaching session you participate in makes you better. Each connection you make makes you better.

Personally, I’d go with option 2. Every single day you’re getting better. Tell yourself this. Speak the words out loud. Set the words as the wallpaper on your phone, tablet and computer. Print the words and hang them on your fridge or the bathroom mirror.

Every day of your life you’re getting better at voice over!

QUESTION: What will you do, are you doing, are have already done today to get better at voice over?