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How To Get More Voice Over Work

I read a post on Google+ today regarding the topic of voice over blogs. More specifically, are there topics, as voice actors, we’d like to see covered? One talent in particular responded that they’d like to see more posts on how to find more voice over work.

I replied to the post, and I thought I’d share my advice here too.

How To Get More Voice Over Work

marketingIt’s a simple one word solution.

Marketing. That’s it. Marketing.

Want to find more voice over work? You need to be awesome at marketing!

This business isn’t about having a great voice. It’s about knowing how to run a business, and that includes marketing yourself. You need to be a master marketer if you want to find more work.

  • Read marketing books.
  • Take marketing courses.
  • Join marketing groups.
  • Read marketing blogs.

If you want to find more voice over work you need to become a student of marketing. Click to Tweet

Clients aren’t just going to magically find you. And rest assured, fellow voice actors probably aren’t going to be sending a lot of regular work your way.

You need to tell people you’re here. And you need to do it in an effective way. Translation: Solve their problems.

FOR COMMENT: Got any good marketing resources you’d like to share?