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How To Improve Your Marketing Results

If you want different results, you need to employ different tactics.

Now, this may seem like a “Thank you, Captain Obvious,” moment. Still, it needs to be stated.

When I began marketing my voice over services full-time in 2012, my strategy was simple. Do anything and everything I could possibly think of out of a complete and utter sense of desperation to pay my bills, all the while hoping something would actually result in paid work.

Can you guess how that strategy played out?

Very little of what I did resulted in paid work because, surprise, surprise… I was doing it all wrong!

The big mistake I made was not actually figuring out what to do and how to do it. Properly!

Do You Know What You’re Doing?

Think of it like a piece of furniture from IKEA. If you try and put the item together without ever looking at the instructions, odds are you’re going to end up with spare parts, a massive headache and a piece of furniture that’s likely unusable.

Marketing your voice over business is no different.

If you jump on Twitter but never learn how to use it properly, it won’t work for you.

If you sign up for a Facebook Page, but never take the time to understand how to generate organic reach, the page is useless.

If you set yourself up with a fancy blog, but quit writing new posts after a couple weeks, it’ll accomplish nothing.

In 2012, I approached marketing like the guy who tries to build the furniture without the instructions and I had the income to show for it. All I had really done was wasted a ton of time with very little to show for it.

Is What You’re Doing Not Working?

Are you doing everything you think you need to be doing – or should be doing – to market your voice over business, but not seeing the returns you’d like to see? If you’re doing things correctly, you should be adding new prospects to your database every week.

Marketing mistakes are inevitable when you’re starting out. The trick is to learn from them. Put together the right strategies and tactics and then do the work to make it happen.

Free Marketing Training Course

FREE_trainingI’ve put together a new, completely free training course. It’s titled “10 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making in Your Voice Over Business… and How to Fix Them!”

This course – nearly 60 minutes in length – was designed to help you jump the learning curve. If you can identify what you’re doing wrong, and figure out how to start doing it right, you’re going to see results.

Different results require different tactics.

That’s what you’ll learn!

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