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How To Make Lion Sounds With A Trash Can

Frank Welker - The Lion King- Male Voice TalentI’m pretty much a straight read kind of guy. I’ll record about anything for you. Your phone system. A corporate video. Your radio commercial. Whatever you need. But for the most part, I’m a straight read kind of guy.

I don’t have all kinds of character voices inside of me. Or at least, if I do, they haven’t come out yet.

I think that’s why I’m so fascinated by the people that do have all of those character voices inside of them. That’s the reason I post my Saturday Morning Cartoon series, and it’s also the reason I find a video like this absolutely fascinating.

I can’t do that. It would never even occur to me to try.

If you need a Male Voice Talent that will give you a straight read… I’m your man.

If you need someone to roar like a lion using a trash can let me put you in touch with Frank Welker. Perhaps he’ll be available. 🙂

Have you got any character voices inside of you?