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How To Make Your Bad Days Good

Have you ever noticed how easily it is for us to remember every detail of a bad day? It’s like we come pre-wired with an intrinsic desire to see the glass half empty.

Oh sure, we don’t want to be that way. Seeing our glass half full… that takes work. Effort. Commitment. Seeing it half empty… that just comes naturally.

Consider This Experience

green-traffic-lightYou need to run to the supermarket. You jump in your car, because you’re blessed enough to have one. You head down the street and across town. On your way, you somehow manage to hit every light green. Once at the supermarket, you find a parking spot as close to the front door as possible without having a accessible sticker in your windshield. You head inside, and down the isle to the product you need. The product which just happens to be on sale!

As you head to the checkout you notice that all the lines are long. But suddenly, while nobody notices, a new cashier opens her register and you have just become first in line! Could this trip get any better? Visions of four-leaf clovers, leprechauns and double rainbows dance wildly through your head as you consider your good fortune.

Now back in your vehicle and heading back across town to your home, this time things go a bit differently. You hit several red lights, get stuck behind a school bus for three blocks and a bird has chosen to decorate your hood.

What Story Would You Tell

Your spouse greets you at the door and asks you about the trip. Answer honestly, if this had been your day, what story would you tell?

I’m going to guess the majority of you would forget all about the good fortune that you had in the beginning of the adventure, and instead would tell your spouse about the red lights, school bus and bird. I confess, that would likely be my first instinct!

How To Make Your Bad Days Good

one-good-thingWhen things aren’t going your way in the studio you have two options. You can let it get to you, begin to feel defeated, and ultimately, give up for the day. Or, you can find and focus on at least one good thing.

  • You’re your own boss!
  • You have a studio that you can record from.
  • You have clients that respect you and pay for your services.
  • You’re working at living your dream.

If you want to turn your day around, you’ve got to find something good and hold onto it, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time. Do it often enough, for enough days and weeks in a row, and eventually you’ll form a new habit. A new habit that will lead to a lot more good days!

Do it often enough, for enough days and weeks in a row, and eventually you’ll form a new habit. A new habit that will lead to a lot more good days!

And when you’re having a good day your attitude reflects it and your voice over business will start to reflect it too!

QUESTION: Is you glass half full or glass half empty?