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How To Stop Working For Less

A question I’m often asked by voice actors, particularly people that are newer to the business or trying to establish themselves is, “how can I stop working for less?”

Nobody likes to work for peanuts. Nobody likes to bid on jobs and be undercut. Nobody wants to suffer the fate of a long line of gigs booked through Fiverr.

You want to make a living, right? We all do!

How To Stop Working For Less

When I’m asked this question, I always give the same answer. Most talent are rather surprised by it. The truth is, it’s nothing profound. Not at all. In fact, some have got upset with me. Annoyed. Others felt like I was just blowing them off.

Here’s the thing…

The reason you’re still working for less is because you keep working for less. Click to Tweet

The truth is, you’re doing it to yourself.

Break The Cycle

break the cycleIf you want to lose weight, but keep eating fast food and donuts every single day, how do you think your weight loss goals are going to be achieved?

If you want to save money for a vacation, but keep up your regular spending habits, do you think you’ll ever see that vacation?

If you want to make more money in voice over, do you think you’ll squeeze it from the same lowballing clients you’ve been working with?

There’s no magic trick. It’s not some hidden fact of the universe that only a select few are privy to. If you want new results, you’ve got to try new methods.

Step 1: Raise the bar and start finding better clients.