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Keeping Up With Twitter Via Flipboard

Twitter via FlipboardIt can be a lot of work trying to keep up with Twitter. Especially if you follow a lot of people. Watching tweets fly by on the Twitter site or via a client such as TweetDeck or Hoot Suite can be mind numbing. The reality is that your chances of catching all the good content are slim to none.

That’s why I use Flipboard.

I can’t imagine my iPad without Flipboard. In fact, it’s hands down the most used app I have. Now that there is an iPhone version is just made my life even sweeter.

Scrolling through my Twitter feed now is like flipping though a magazine. Content that I would have missed before using simple text readers isn’t missed anymore. In Flipboard the good content stands out thanks to the incorporation of images, videos and post titles.

I love it!

I love reading what other Voice Talent’s are talking about. Whether it’s their blog content, the jobs they’re working on or the latest resources they’ve discovered. Flipboard makes it easy for me to quickly scan all that content in a visually stimulating way.

If you’re a Flipboard user the easiest way to keep track of great content is by using Twitter lists. I subscribe to several great voiceover lists. I have each one of them set up as their own feed.

Adding your lists in Flipboard

1) Click the magnifying glass icon on the top right.

2) From the left menu that appears select “Accounts.”

3) Select “Twitter” from the menu that appears.

4) When the next menu opens you’ll see an option for “Lists You Follow.” Click it.

5) From there you can add any of your subscribed lists to your Flipboard.

If you’re looking for a some great Voiceover Lists to follow here are four of my favourites…

VoiceOverists by Paul J. Warwick – View It

Voiceover by Dave Courvoisier – View It

Voiceover_Peeps by Tim Keenan – View It

VoiceOverists by Dave Courvoisier – View It

Got another great Twitter list you’d recommend for Voice Talent’s? Share it in the comments.