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Kevin Spacey Impersonates… Everyone

Kevin Spacey ImpersonationsWhen I was a kid I used to try and do impressions of everyone. It’s really my first memories of wanting to be a voice talent someday, though at the time I had no idea what a voice talent was.

I could talk like Donald Duck, scream and run like Pee-Wee Herman, and say my prayers, eat my vitamins and rip my shirt like Hulk Hogan.

When I came across this video I was surprised. Sure Kevin Spacey is a gifted actor. I just had no idea he did impressions. And so well! But he does them all. You name it… Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Johnny Carson. They’re all in here and they’re all brilliant.

Do you do any impressions? What’s your best one? Link to audio or video in the comments section.