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Know Your Niche: Finding Your Voice Over Sweet Spot

Finding Your Voiceover Sweet SpotIt’s not good enough to say, “I want to be a voice over talent.” It’s too broad. It’s like saying, “I want to be an Olympian.” What kind of Olympian? Summer games? Winter games? Solo sport? Team sport? Water sport? Snow sport? You’ve got to narrow it down.

You’ve got to find your sweet spot.

It’s in your sweet spot that you’ll find your success. That’s because when you’re in your sweet spot, you’ll be happiest, most productive and do your best work!

Your Voice Over Sweet Spot

When someone comes to me to declare they’re going to break into the voice over business because they have a great voice and they’re going to make lots of money to put in a pool or take a trip to Iceland or buy a pet monkey or whatever they want to make extra money for, one of the questions I ask is “What kind of voice over?”

Making a conservative estimate, I’d say about 97.6% of the time I receive a response something along the lines of, “Huh? You know, the talk in a microphone kind. Like you do.”

You’ve got to find your sweet spot.

People don’t realize that there isn’t just one kind of voice over, I guess. I don’t want to buy a car. I want to buy a Ford Flex! You’ve got to narrow your focus. Figure out what you’re best at. Figure out what you enjoy most. Then direct your focus to that niche like a laser!

Please Choose From The Following Options

So what’s your fancy?

Commercials for Radio or TV

Promos and Imaging

Medical Narration

Video Narration

eLearning and Training


Telephony, IVR, On Hold





Real Estate and Virtual Tours


Direct Response


This is by no means a comprehensive list. But as you can see, it’s certainly a little broader than simply saying you want to be in voice over.

Jack Of All Trades

You’ve heard the phrase jack of all trades and master of none. I’m not convinced that such a title is good thing in the voice over business. I really think if you’re going to build a successful business and make a living as a voice over talent, you’ve got to find your sweet spot and do what it takes to become better at it than anybody else.

* Check back tomorrow where I’ll continue this series with some tips to help you find your voice over sweet spot. *

QUESTION: Do you have a voice over sweet spot? Or are you still figuring it out?