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Make Creativity A Priority

How much time did you spend this week…

  • Sleeping?
  • Auditioning?
  • Watching TV?
  • On social media?
  • Reading?
  • With your kids or family or friends?
  • Marketing?

How much time did you spend this week being creative? 

Make Creativity A Priority

creativity-quoteCreativity doesn’t happen by accident. And let’s be honest, we work in a creative industry.

Creativity is infused into every aspect of your voice over business. Your demos. Your auditions. Your website. Your marketing efforts. But, like anything else, creativity needs to be cultivated.

If you don’t plant seeds, your garden will never grow.

If you’re not making time to pursue creative endeavours and outlets it might be time to re-evaluate your priority list.

QUESTION: What do you do to cultivate your creativity?