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Monday Is A Clean Slate

A Clean SlateIt doesn’t matter what auditions you feel you messed up last week.

It doesn’t matter what jobs you thought you’d book but didn’t.

It doesn’t matter what opportunities you think you missed.

It doesn’t matter what blogs you didn’t write.

It doesn’t matter what clients you didn’t make a connection with.

You can dwell on all of those moments as much as you’d like. It’s not bringing them back.

This is what I love about Monday. Monday is a clean slate. Forget last week. Focus on this one. Be present today. A fresh perspective. A positive attitude. A new window of opportunity to open. A new door to walk through.

Maybe last week didn’t go your way. Forget it. Instead, focus on making sure this one does.

Good luck with your auditions this week. I hope you book them all!