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My Turn To Teach

Teaching has been in my heart for a few years now. It started with the fire department. A couple of recruits came to me during a practice night and started asking me a bunch of questions. One of them said, “I know I can trust you.” Wow! No pressure! đŸ™‚

In that moment it occurred to me that I was, in some senses, a senior guy. In the fire service it’s often said senior guys have a responsibility to junior guys to see to it they become senior guys. In other words, we need to teach the rookies how to do the job well and come home safe from each call.

A desire to teach was birthed.

Over the next couple years, via Distance Education through my local community college, I earned my Teaching & Training Adults Certification. My enjoyment of teaching only grew. I began to look for new opportunities to be involved in training with the fire department.

It’s also around the same time I really started to step up my efforts with this blog.

My Turn To Teach

Having built a voice over career from nothing a near six-figure business in just a few short years was, to me, evidence that I had something of value to share. So I wrote. I tweeted. I posted status updates. I made videos.

All these things were done with one purpose in mind. To help others turn their voice over dream into their voice over reality. Just like I had done.

Today I open enrollment on my Blueprint to Voice Over Success program. It’s something I’ve worked really hard to create. It’s something I’m really proud of. People often ask me, “Marc, how did you do it? How did you build your business?” Well, this program is literally the answer to that question. Step by step. High impact. High value. Tangible, practical advice. Proven strategies you can implement immediately. It’s what I’ve been doing since 2013. It’s what’s given me exponential growth. It can give you real results!

Being a Voice Talent is something I love. Being able to evolve that into a Coach, Mentor, a Teacher… that’s been something that has really lit my passion.

It’s my turn to teach.

Click Here to find out more about my program. Enrollment ends Friday January 15, 2016 at 11:59pm EST.


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